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The number 1 and number 2 are unchallenged — but behind them, the crypto market is currently changing rapidly. It is quite clear: The time of Bitcoin spin-offs is over, now especially those blockchains that are pushing forward that want to do it better than Ethereum. After Polkadot with the DOT token had already made its way into the top 10 in recent months, it is now Cardano (ADA) in particular that is attracting attention.

WOW, what a ride! Bitcoin lost more than 20% in the last two days. First rumors are announcing the “beginning of the end”. Has the market reached its temporary peak?

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Is the bull-run over? — Photo by Jared Schwitzke on Unsplash

It needed to happen. The month-long upward trend of Bitcoin and Co. was stopped for the moment. In just 24 hours, the total market capitalization plummeted by $200 billion. The ten largest cryptocurrencies are struggling in the daily chart with losses in the double-digit percentage range. After setting a new record high of $58,000 a few days ago, the bitcoin price is down about 20% (23.02.2021)down. …

The Netflix series has led to chess apps being downloaded en masse and chess boards being sold out. About the complexity and grace of a game that has fascinated people since ever.

On November 9, 2018, the World Chess Championship began at London’s Central School of Art and Design, and for a handful of euros, you were able to purchase an online pass from the world federation FIDE and be at the event. The setting was everything but not glamourous. In front of the sponsor wall, the champion Magnus Carlsen and his challenger Fabiano Caruana sat at an elementary school…

Many new blockchain applications now fail as not enough users to ensure the continuity of the chain can be found. The large number of new projects based on the technology implies that only very limited resources are available for each of them. This makes the systems more vulnerable to attacks and takeovers.

Polkadot would like to address this issue. In a way, Polkadot sees itself as a central entity that can sublease resources to connected blockchains.

This has the advantage that smaller projects can benefit from Polkadot’s security. Accordingly, the blockchain network functions as a so-called relay chain, which limits…

GameStop, Dogecoin, AMC. Today, stocks and cryptocurrencies can go impressively viral as we have seen in the last few months. This is how a new type of investor emerges: the meme investor — and now also the richest man in the world is among them.

“Use Signal”: these two words, tweeted by Elon Musk, were enough to cause the price of the listed company Signal Advance to explode a few weeks ago. The company’s shares rose in price by a staggering 1,100 percent within a few hours. With his tweet, the Tesla billionaire had actually only called for the use…

Are you losing track of crypto news?

No worries — you are not alone. Here’s a summary of the latest articles concerning cryptocurrencies. Have fun!

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Photo by Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash

Visa’s Integration of Cryptocurrencies

A new milestone concerning the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is emerging. Credit card giant Visa has now explained its position at a conference.

The provider has been indicating a crypto integration for quite some time now. There is already cooperation with selected wallet providers and exchanges to enable crypto purchases. Now, the only question is when Visa will take the next step. Visa CEO Al Kelly has now commented in that regard. He said that his company is perfectly capable of promoting…

Be it in school, at work, or when pitching your next big thing: there is nothing worse than presenting with a constant look on cheat sheets or the PowerPoint presentation. Fluent talking is pure elegance and boosts confidence.

For a couple of months now, I am using a mnemonic approach to remember the key points of my presentations. This technique helps me to talk for 30 minutes without the need for cheat sheets or a lot of preparation. It has proven to be the most effective way to memorize content for me, especially when the order is important. …

In the retrospective, disruptive innovation seems inevitable and completely logical. However, before their breakthrough success, new technologies are often smiled at and underestimated. Disruptions shatter existing models and change entire industries, which the very large and established companies such as Nortel Networks, Grundig, Blockbuster, Polaroid, Kodak, or Myspace had to experience first-hand.

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Photo by Fitore F on Unsplash

The term “disruptive innovation” was first used by Clay Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School. Very soon, the term proved to be the perfect way to discuss innovation-driven growth. The meaning of the term, which has been adopted worldwide, was and is still misunderstood by many and…

It seems like sustainability is lurking around every corner these days. Coffee in the morning — sustainable and fair trade — often in a reusable cup made of bamboo fibers. The packaging-free supermarket on the way — of course with many sustainably produced (organic) products. Even the paper in the printer, chlorine-free bleached, and FSC certified.

Whether in external communications or firmly anchored in strategic positioning — sustainability is important to customers and is increasingly influencing their purchasing decisions. For a company to adapt to this development, it is important to understand how consumers perceive sustainability.

Sustainability has been an…

A trend that started in the USA and is booming since then: the tiny living and tiny house movements. “Reduction” is the core idea of “tiny living” — and this does not only apply to finances.

Born Out of Necessity

Already in the 1920s, when the Midwest of the USA was experiencing devastating years of drought, many farmers and ranchers had to leave their land without funds. With the fear on their necks and the will to survive, the idea came up to offer affordable mini houses. Mainly mobile trailers, converted trucks, and discarded caravans became new homes.

The financial and housing crisis of…

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